fit text on lines: A javascript plugin that automatically adjusts the font-size of an element to the maximum size it can be, whilst keeping the text on a specified amount of lines.

https://localhost setup: How to set-up ssl for localhost on Mac, for chrome v58+ including the newer SAN replacing CN

git + .bash_profile: How to put your .bash_profile under version control.

Image comparsion slider: A simple before-after image comparison slider thingy, with no jQuery dependency.

html5 Gulp Boilerplate: Including Express server - with https//localhost, http2 and gzip compression - html, css and js minification, js uglification, sass and less precompilers, autoprefixer, html, css and js prettifier, css and js file combiner and image optimization and resizing. phew.

Debouncing: How to debounce resize, mousemove and scroll events, to put less strain on your cpu.

shrthnd.css: a lightweight - under 8kb gzipped - utility css library for rapid site building.

Scroll direction detection A very small snippet to detect if the user is scrolling up or down the page.

16 states of a checkbox How to visualize the 16 states of a checkbox.